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2022-04-10: News Headlines

Marzieh Rahmani (2022-04-10). Polls open in first round of France's presidential election. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 10 (MNA) — French voters head to the polls for the first round of presidential elections on Sunday.

Khubaka, Michael Harris (2022-04-10). Preservation of salient contributions by people of African descent too egregious for some. indybay.org Persevere, is the new elevated standard to hold fast upon in the latest round of efforts to erase all authentic record of people of African Descent along today's American River Parkway. If "they" are successful, it will not be for the lack of presenting authentic primary source documentation since the turn of the century. "White Male Only" remains the current methodology, to arrive at the desired "need" and foul process utilized in a cloaked private notion. Spring 2022, a new public process may allow for consideration of the 1840-1875 California Gold Mining region of Negro Hill, Mormon Island and Negro Bar, Sacra…

_____ (2022-04-09). Black Political Distraction. popularresistance.org The Black political class and the democratic party are once again infantilizing Black voters instead of giving them what they need and want. They pass useless legislation and stage political performances because they have lost the trust of the people. Biden's poll numbers continue to drop. He now has a lackluster 40 percent approval rating for the simple reason that he hasn't done what he promised during his 2020 presidential campaign. | Biden said he would provide student loan debt relief, raise the minimum wage, and improve the government response to the covid crisis. His friends in corporate media covered for…

_____ (2022-04-09). Obama Reminds Us That Democrats Remain The More Effective Evil. popularresistance.org On April 5th, Barack Obama visited the White House to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Democratic Party loyalists expressed great enthusiasm for Obama's return to the White House over social media. Congressional Democrats flocked around the former President and took full advantage of the photo opportunity. President Joe Biden also used the occasion to announce an Executive Order that will allow about 200,000 people to gain access to the ACA marketplace beginning in 2023. An atmosphere of confidence surrounded the White House despite Biden's recent polling numbers which suggest th…

John Catalinotto (2022-04-09). Who should be tried for war crimes? workers.org President Joe Biden has invoked the International Criminal Court (ICC), located in The Hague, Netherlands, and accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of war crimes. This book reports on the findings of a popular tribunal of U.S. war crimes in Iraq. As so often with Biden's statements, it is hard for . . . |

Staff (2022-04-09). Biden signs sanctions bills targeting Russian oil. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 09 (MNA) — US President signed bills, passed by Congress earlier, on suspension of normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus, as well as on prohibition of energy import from Russia over the situation in Ukraine.

Staff (2022-04-09). Estados Unidos y su carácter imperial: Tiene soldados en más de 150 países. cubadebate.cu El jefe del Estado Mayor Conjunto (JCS) de Estados Unidos, Mark Milley, reveló que Washington tiene 400 000 soldados desplegados en todo el mundo. Estos detalles salen a la luz justo cuando el Congreso estadounidense se dispone a aprobar el plan presupuestario del presidente Joe Biden para 2023, que incluye 773 000 millones de dólares para gastos de defensa.

Rick Rozoff (2022-04-09). U.S. Congress calls on Biden to provide Turkish combat drones to Ukraine. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Daily SabahApril 9, 2022 US lawmakers urge Biden to boost Ukraine's drone capacity A bipartisan group of American deputies [representatives] urged President Joe Biden to send more arms to Ukraine to help Kyiv in the face of Russia's invasion, with emphasis on a combat-drone system made by Turkish defense firm Baykar. The letter, dated April …

WSWS (2022-04-09). French elections too close to call, far right calls for national unity government. wsws.org The campaign was widely unpopular, as all candidates advocated similar policies of austerity, mass COVID infection and military threats against Russia.

ecns.cn (2022-04-09). Pelosi's Taiwan visit plan must be canceled, not postponed: FM spokesperson. ecns.cn A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Friday reiterated China's position on U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's planned visit to Taiwan, urging the plan must be canceled immediately.

Editor (2022-04-09). Corporate Media Ignores Senate Hearing on Corporate Greed and Inflation. scheerpost.com Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks during a Senate Budget Committee hearing June 8, 2021, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. | By Ralph Nader / It is exceedingly rare for a major congressional committee to hold hearings on "corporate greed" leading to corporate profiteering and surging prices on consumer goods. On April 5, 2022, Senate Budget Chairman, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) chartered uncensored territory on corporate avarice with a lead witness, former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reic…

WSWS (2022-04-09). Verdict in trial of Michigan kidnap plotters sanctions right-wing political violence in the US. wsws.org The outcome of the trial against four men who planned to kidnap and kill the Democratic governor was managed by District Judge Robert Jonker, who barred discussion of the broader political context and instructed the jury to consider FBI entrapment as a defense.

WSWS (2022-04-09). Amazon Labor Union turns to AFL-CIO following successful vote at Staten Island warehouse. wsws.org It has not taken long for the leaders of the Amazon Labor Union, which won a vote at Amazon's JFK8 warehouse on Staten Island last week, to demonstrate their orientation to the AFL-CIO bureaucracy and the Democratic Party.

Victoria Torres (2022-04-09). Venezuela: Opposition Mayor Attacks LGBTQ Community and Single Mothers. orinocotribune.com Ernesto Paraqueima, mayor of Simón Rodríguez municipality (El Tigre), Anzoátegui state, attacked single mothers and the LGBTQ community during a radio program broadcast earlier this week. Mayor Paraqueima, sociologist and a politician of the opposition party Por la Democracia Social, is himself the host of the program, in which he called single mothers "frequent birthers." | Within a minute of the start of the broadcast of the show Paraqueima from 6 to 8, the mayor of El Tigre referred to La Bandera park, a recreation site in the municipality, and started making a list of people who he does not want to go there.

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