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2022-05-21: News Headlines

Contributing Writers (2022-05-21). Mariupol — The War Crime Cars/ By Graham Phillips. READ MORE:

____ (2022-05-21). German Chancellor Scholz's government statement: Rearming for war against Russia. The government statement made by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the federal parliament on Thursday morning, and the ensuing debate, made clear how aggressively German imperialism is behaving once again 77 years after the end of the Second World War.

Anonymous Contributor (2022-05-21). Phoenix Anarchists Mobilize Against "WLM" Group and Fascists at Pro-Choice Abortion Rally. Anarchists in so-called Phoenix, Arizona report on confronting both neo-Nazis organizing under the banner of 'White Lives Matter' and far-Right militias harassing pro-choice demonstrations. Every month since April 2021, the WLM "White Lives Matter" group which is active nationwide calls for a national day of action on specific dates. The group claims to promote only…

____ (2022-05-21). New York Times indicates divisions over the course of NATO-Russia war. Despite the internal divisions in the ruling class that find expression in the Times' editorial, the Biden administration will not be able to simply reverse course and extricate itself from the political crisis that it set in motion by provoking the Russian invasion.

____ (2022-05-21). All parties in Ontario's provincial election bear responsibility for the province's disastrous housing crisis. For low-income workers or those in precarious employment who are fortunate enough to have "affordable" housing, a job loss or reduction in employment hours can quickly lead to homelessness.

____ (2022-05-21). Australia: Phony election promises will do nothing to resolve housing crisis. The measures proposed by Labor and the Liberal-Nationals are aimed solely at maintaining record house prices and the profits of the banks.

Mirinda Crissman (2022-05-21). Cómo opresión de clases impulsa crisis climáticas: un comentario de WW. Publicado originalmente en Workers World/Mundo Obrero, el 30 de septiembre del 2020, este artículo es aún más oportuno después del Día de la Tierra de 2022. La guerra por delegación de Estados Unidos en Ucrania -y la continua crisis de COVID-19- están siendo utilizadas por la administración de Biden para . . . |

_____ (2022-05-21). Mali is Deprived of an Opportunity to Follow Policies Independent of the West. Attempts by the inhabitants of the states of the African continent to throw off the shackles of modern neo-colonialism and pursue a policy independent of the West are being met with active resistance from the very same West. Another confirmation of this is the recent coup attempt thwarted by the authorities in Mali. Mali's Ministry …

____ (2022-05-21). Principal at high school in Seattle, Washington fired by district for informing families of abandonment of contact tracing. Staff and students have come to the support of Catherine Brown, the principal of Cleveland High School who was fired by Seattle Public Schools upon an investigation into emailing families about the end of COVID-19 contact tracing during the Omicron surge in January, which the district requested she withhold.

____ (2022-05-21). Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, pressured Arizona state legislators to overturn 2020 popular vote. Emails confirm that the January 6 coup was not a "spontaneous riot" but the culmination of a conspiracy orchestrated at the highest levels of the ruling class and Republican Party elite to overturn democratic forms of rule in the United States.

____ (2022-05-21). In major attack on free speech, Migrants NZ Facebook group forced to close. Migrants NZ, a popular forum on New Zealand's draconian immigration policies with more than 75,000 members, shut down after its administrators were threatened with legal action.

amarynth (2022-05-21). A Rare Look into Michael Hudson's Email Inbox &#1 ; US amazing threats against China and India. Dear K C, China won't go along with this surrender, will it? This is amazing! Michael US Sanction ENFORCEMENT THREATS Edward Wong and Michael Crowley, "U.S. Aims to Cripple Russian…

____ (2022-05-21). Australian academics union censors SEP member at University of Sydney strike. The censorship was aimed at preventing any exposure of the National Tertiary Education Union's role in enforcing sweeping attacks on the jobs and conditions of academics and university staff.

____ (2022-05-21). Six things striking CNH workers need to know about the company. CNH's international workforce—along with the workers at its myriad parts producers—are striking workers' natural allies and a potential source of colossal strength…

____ (2022-05-21). The World Health Organization to meet urgently to review the global spread of monkeypox infections. More than 130 cases of suspected and confirmed monkeypox infections across 11 countries are being investigated. The WHO is convening an emergency meeting to address the growing global threat.

____ (2022-05-21). Powerful strike movement emerges in the United States. A series of powerful strikes and social protests have broken out across the United States against intolerable social conditions and breathtaking levels of social inequality.

____ (2022-05-21). Workers react as UAW rolls out new sellout deal at Detroit Diesel. "Highlights of the new 6-year agreement released by the UAW show there are no significant improvements over the last deal over the contract workers rejected by a 4-1 margin May 10.

____ (2022-05-21). Right-wing Ukrainian nationalism as applied in the field of musicology. A University of Miami music professor uses the pages of the New York Times to suggest that the music of Dmitri Shostakovich and other Russian composers are "cultural weapons" in the service of Vladimir Putin.

noreply (2022-05-21). Inevitability Or As They Say… in the Family Guy, "

Angela (2022-05-21). Saturday 5/21: Free virtual screening of the documentary film "Jaffa: Mother of the Stranger"

____ (2022-05-21). Sri Lankan trade unions undermine workers struggles. The unions called the protests in a bid to deflect the rising anger among workers, poor and youth over the ever-increasing prices and shortages of essentials.

Andrew Green (2022-05-21). [Obituary] José Eduardo Lima Pinto da Costa. Champion of legal medicine in Portugal. He was born on April 3, 1934 in Porto, Portugal, and died of cancer on Dec 8, 2021 in Porto, aged 87 years.

amarynth (2022-05-21). Michael Hudson: Interview with RT &#1 ; Transcript. Michael Hudson's interview with RT &#1 ; May 19 2022. Peter Scott, RT anchor: Joining us now is Michael Hudson, economist and author of "Super-Imperialism" and the recently-published "Destiny of Civilization".

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2022-05-20: News Headlines

Nigel Bouvart (2022-05-20). Response to Buffalo massacre: Smash white supremacy! Buffalo, New York On the evening of May 14, a fascist carrying a rifle entered a supermarket in the predominantly Black neighborhood of Masten Park on Buffalo's East Side and opened fire. While most official statements have more or less vaguely alluded to "racial motivations," the shooter's intentions were quite . . . |

____ (2022-05-20). Biden administration pushes for NATO accession of Finland, Sweden, as Senate passes $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. With the push for NATO's accession of Sweden and Finland and the gigantic $40 billion aid package, Washington is signaling unambiguously that the response of US imperialism to the military setback in Mariupol is a further escalation of its proxy war with Russia.

____ (2022-05-20). Vote 1 for Socialist Equality Party candidates in the Australian election! The Socialist Equality Party is standing Senate teams in three states in order to present a genuine socialist alternative to the broadest possible audience, and prepare for the convulsive working-class struggles ahead.

____ (2022-05-20). The pseudo-left Victorian Socialists in the Australian elections: Parochialism and parliamentary cretinism. The Victorian Socialists' campaign has nothing to do with a fight against capitalism and its political defenders. Instead, the Victorian Socialists are seeking to consolidate a position on the "left" flank of that very political establishment.

____ (2022-05-20). Biden sends US troops back into Somalia. The goal of the Biden administration is to secure US imperialism's control over the Horn of Africa and trade through the Suez Canal in preparation for confrontation with China.

____ (2022-05-20). January 6 Select Committee requests to interview Republican lawmaker who provided "tour" of Capitol grounds day before coup. In a letter, the committee wrote that they believed Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk had "information regarding a tour" he led through parts of the Capitol the day before the coup.

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