2022-05-20: News Headlines

Nigel Bouvart (2022-05-20). Response to Buffalo massacre: Smash white supremacy! workers.org Buffalo, New York On the evening of May 14, a fascist carrying a rifle entered a supermarket in the predominantly Black neighborhood of Masten Park on Buffalo's East Side and opened fire. While most official statements have more or less vaguely alluded to "racial motivations," the shooter's intentions were quite . . . |

____ (2022-05-20). Biden administration pushes for NATO accession of Finland, Sweden, as Senate passes $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. wsws.org With the push for NATO's accession of Sweden and Finland and the gigantic $40 billion aid package, Washington is signaling unambiguously that the response of US imperialism to the military setback in Mariupol is a further escalation of its proxy war with Russia.

____ (2022-05-20). Vote 1 for Socialist Equality Party candidates in the Australian election! wsws.org The Socialist Equality Party is standing Senate teams in three states in order to present a genuine socialist alternative to the broadest possible audience, and prepare for the convulsive working-class struggles ahead.

____ (2022-05-20). The pseudo-left Victorian Socialists in the Australian elections: Parochialism and parliamentary cretinism. wsws.org The Victorian Socialists' campaign has nothing to do with a fight against capitalism and its political defenders. Instead, the Victorian Socialists are seeking to consolidate a position on the "left" flank of that very political establishment.

____ (2022-05-20). Biden sends US troops back into Somalia. wsws.org The goal of the Biden administration is to secure US imperialism's control over the Horn of Africa and trade through the Suez Canal in preparation for confrontation with China.

____ (2022-05-20). January 6 Select Committee requests to interview Republican lawmaker who provided "tour" of Capitol grounds day before coup. wsws.org In a letter, the committee wrote that they believed Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk had "information regarding a tour" he led through parts of the Capitol the day before the coup.

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